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PASSENGERS is a compelling love story set on a massive celestial cruise ship, with 5,000 passengers, on a 300 year journey to a distant planet. The passengers are cryogenically stored until they are close to the destination where upon they are awakened to enjoy the facilities of the ship and train for life on their new planet.
However, due to a glitch in the ships systems, the main character (played by Keanu Reeves) is woken from sleep 200 years too early and is now doomed to live his life out alone on the ship. Several years pass and he decides to awaken another female passenger sentencing her to his fate. She believes the same glitch that woke him, woke her but when she finds out that it was him she is furious and once again Keanu is alone.
But the "glitch" grows to put the ship and it's sleeping passengers on a course toward distraction. This jeopardy drives both of them to work together to save the ship. Culminating in a climax of massive proportions as Keanu makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the girl he still loves and the ship. When all is lost her love for him drives her to take incredible risks to bring him back from death and they are all saved.
All is back to normal and they live their life out on the ship together, happily ever after. They make the life they had hoped to have on the destination planet on the ship. Hundreds of years later their legacy is discovered by the awaking passengers.